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Church Hall

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The church main hall


Our church hall is used regularly for church and community groups, events and functions, see the list of activities

There are two Halls one with a stage. It is available most days between 9am-11pm.

      +Main Hall currently (Max 100people) £20 per hour.

      +Small Hall/Annexe (Max 40 people) £15 per hour.

      +The Kitchen - there may be a small charge.

To make a hall enquiry

1 **ALL PARTY ENQUIRIES, please note Bouncy Castles are not allowed in the hall or grounds.
2 Before hiring please click here for info on using our hall.
3 If you are interested in hiring our hall please click here to view calendar for availability,

Newsletter update see linc below...Staying in touch - please select below for info 

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Sunday 14th July
Wednesday 17th July
11:30am - 1:00pm -
Thursday 18th July
1:30pm - 3:00pm -

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