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Information on Financial Giving at St Marys

We want to begin by thanking everybody who give so generously to our church, last year in 2019 around £69,000 was given, through envelopes, donations given on the plate, standing orders and the Parish Giving Scheme and the HMRC Gift Aid Scheme- Thank You! There are lots of other fundraising  projects that help us enormously too. At this time of the coronavirus lockdown our income has very much disappeared and like many people we are struggling financially. New and innovative ways are emerging at the moment, so if you can support us, no matter how small a donation, it is very appreciated. Here are some ways of to support our church - and we are always open to hearing about other way of raising funds too. Just to say that by gift aiding any gift that does help enormously.

Online Bank/Card donation or by phone*

Please follow the secure website link where you will be able to donate to St Marys directly- A DONATION TO ST MARY (Please note if it asks for a giving/donor id please leave blank). Or if you would like information on making an online bank transfer to us please use Giving Enquiry FormA gift can be made to St Marys by phone for all new donors who register with the Parish Giving System. That information is given upon registration see below for more information under Direct Debit*.


Donations on the plate and Weekly giving envelopes

There is a scheme for weekly envelopes for cash donations if you would a set please fill in the Giving Enquiry Form. HMRC allows to claim a proportion of gift given on the plate.

Bank Standing Order

Many people give  by Bank standing order, if you like to do this please fill in the Giving Enquiry Form and we will email you a form which can then be set up using your own online banking app or sent to your bank to action.

Direct Debit *

Like many other parish churches, we use the Church of England Parish Giving Scheme. This scheme allows automatic transfer of funds into the church bank account and it can also claim any Gift Aid associated with the gift too. To register  just click here.  or scan this QRCODE.
Again many thanks for reading this section of our website                                                                                                                                                                                 Updated 1 June 2022  


Giving Enquiry form

Information on financial giving at St Mary Grassendale


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