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St Mary’s sits within a community of residential/nursing homes, sheltered accommodation and supported living, as well as many single occupier households. All our efforts should seek out and encourage involvement with all groups, including those who are restricted to their home environment due to health needs. Given the inclusive nature of our approach, it is vital that we recognise that some members of our local community can find it problematic to access the heritage of the church. These two sets of activities will ensure that people in this situation are able to take full advantage of the church heritage programmes on offer. A series of social events will be offered which will allow for positive social interaction combined with a variety of opportunities to experience aspects of the church heritage. It is anticipated that there will be an annual, rolling programme of local events. Where local people cannot attend heritage events at the church, activities will be organised at local care and residential homes that will allow for an engagement with the church heritage in combination with a series of faith-based and other activities.

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